Benifuki (black)

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Tasting Notes: Tart berry, bok choy, sharp intro leading to fruity malt finish  

Farm Location: Kawanehon, Shizuoka, Japan

Picking: spring 2020

Steeping Directions: 4g/ 

 The Benifuki Cultivar was originally developed for Japanese black tea production known as "wakocha." You may notice a slight black pepper/spicy presence, but don't be alarmed. This tea was grown amongst Japanese Yuzu fruit trees, which lead to a natural "scenting" of the tea. Benifuki is a tea with a bite, I urge you to learn to appreciate the bite because its important to see this tea in its entirety. There are "astringent teas" and "bitter teas" which overall have characters that many find unpleasant and a sign of poor tea BUT this does not mean a tea that has astringent or bitter notes is a poor tea. Astringency and bitterness is the right levels can help to create a tea with a much more memorable experience and helps add to complexity.