2021 “Mother knows best” cake

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Tasting Notes: sweet, floral, fruity, juicy with a bite of astringency and strong finish.

Farm Location: Mang fei mountain, Yong De, Lincang, Yunnan, China

Elevation: 1500-1600m

Season: Spring 2021

Steeping info: 90°C use 4-5g per 100ml, start steeping at around 15 seconds and then increase by 5 for each infusion until around 7-8 steep then feel free to add as much time as you like.  
”Mother knows best” is a cake dedicated to my mother and nana. This estate was where I first saw Asian treasures and began my influence of Asian culture. 

  Our Mang fei Sheng went over so well we decided to get it pressed! Our 2021 mang fei mao cha is pressed into 200g cakes, this makes for better storage and makes it better suited for aging.