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Tasting Notes: sweet orange fruitiness, very sweet with a light cardamom spicy note, light malty florals

Steeping Directions: 85 degrees celcius for 20-25 seconds add 5-10 seconds for additional steeps

Farm Location: Ali Shan, Nantou county, Taiwan

Elevation: 1,100m (3,609ft)

Production Notes: Handmade with 3-4 days of withering, and finished by oven-baking.

Produced in late Summer 2019

Taiwanese producers have been very crafty the last few years, and have developed some very amazing white teas. Taiwanese white tea is one of my favorite teas. There are numerous kinds, and they all offer different experiences. This tea is sweet and fragrant, with a fresh and clean mouthfeel.

Cultivar #21 (AKA "Hong Yun") was designed by the Taiwanese Tea Research and Extension Station. #21 white is a beautiful combination of Keemun and Assamica leaf. #21 was originally developed to produce black teas. But, as this tea proves, it was meant for so much more!