Dong fang mei ren

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Tasting Notes: "aged white" like qualities (depth/maltiness) sweet, fruity with a long lasting flavor

Farm Location:Beipu township,Hsinchu county Taiwan

Elevation: 450m

Cultivar: Qing xin Da pan

Summer Harvest 2021


-Oxidized not roasted 

  This tea can go by 3 names, "Bai Hao" "Oriental Beauty" and "Dong fang mei ren" hopefully that  helps clear up a simple confusion. This tea in Taiwan is known as "champagne tea" and is held in very high regards(also demanding high price). DFMR is also often a competitions tea and producers dedicate time and effort to making the most impressive tea in Taiwan. This is not a competition style but i can near promise this tea will leave and impression with you.