Heavy roast "wuyi style"

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Tasting Notes: toasty caramel, fruity, rich and soothing.

Farm Location: Beishan , Nantou County, Taiwan.

Elevation: 1,000m

Cultivar: "wuyi oolong"

Spring Harvest 2019

  This tea is one of the few heavily roasted i enjoy. Typically with fresh heavily roasted teas the is a predominant flavor of charcoal that "covers" the other attributes of the teas experience. I will allow heavy roast teas to rest 5-12 months before i enjoy the tea. i do this so that the elements within the leaf can settle and allow for the actual flavor effect from the roasting can be enjoyed. This tea uses a unique production method that mimics the roasting style of Chinese wuyi (rock) oolongs providing a better environment for flavor evolution.