Hou Kui

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Tasting Notes: fresh green beans and Lima beans, very balanced, lightly grassy and sweet

Farm Location: Taiping, Anhui, China

Picking: April 2020

cultivar: shi da cha

Gong fu steeping: 80 Celsius for 20 seconds add 5 per subsequent infusions

Grandpa style: 80 Celsius, use 1 gram or less of leaf per 12oz mug. Add water and drink. refill mug with fresh hot water once cup is 1/3 full to avoid "over steeping"

Commonly known as "Monkey Picked Green Tea" (although, no monkeys actually picked this Tea ?) Hou Kui is light and luscious in flavor, perfectly balanced, and well suited for Gong Fu or “Grandpa” styles of brewing. Also, this tea is special because of how neutral and easy it is to enjoy. For a green tea, it is very calming.