Baihao Yinzhen

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Tasting Notes:  Cucumber,fresh snapped green bean, juicy-sweet,and floral essences

Farm Location:  Guanyang town, Fuding China

Elevation: 800m

Picking: Spring Buds 2020

Steeping: 4-5g / 100ml - 85 degrees for 25 seconds. add 5 second for each additional steeps

  I have been waiting years to find a Baihao yinzhen(silver needle) that has a crisp high mountain freshness while maintaining a nice depth of flavor and i have found more than a few. The price-point was far above ANY tea we have ever carried and i don't consider myself a penny pincher when it comes to tea but with per kg costs FAR exceeding all other teas it made it unrealistic to carry because of the added cost from selling at a retail level. BUTT this year i finally found a beauty that im proud to name as a "UNYtea".