Yume wakaba (white)

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Tasting Notes: smooth numbing sweetness, sweet cream, vanilla, juicy with a coating mouthfeel.

Farm Location: Kawanehon, Shizuoka, Japan

Picking: spring 2021

Cultivar: yume wakaba

Steeping: 85-90 ° Celsius 20 seconds add 5 more for subsequent infusions

  In the history of UNYtea’s selection of rare and interesting teas this may just take the cake. A bug bitten white tea from japan to some sommeliers would be nothing but a myth but here we are. This amazing tea feels like a Taiwan white tea crossed with a bug bitten oolong like oriental beauty then given the terroir textures and flavors from japan. After a few steeps I start to notice a lite alcohol like after breathe. This is a must try in my books and only 1 kg of the tea was produced so good luck and enjoy.