Steeping Guide


There are so many factors that affect your tea here are some tips to help you make it they way you like it.


  This is the eastern way to make tea. The idea behind it is to use a lot of dry leaf per volume of water, for short amounts of time. This effects the tea drinking experience by letting you taste the tea's different flavors gradually over a longer period. Gong fu brewing is for when you have the time to sit and enjoy the tea, its more of a multiple sensory experience rather than just the action of drinking a liquid for the act of hydration or quick pleasure.

Brewing details- general rule of thumb for weight is 4 grams of tea per 100-200ml of water.

White-90°C/194°F-  15=20 seconds 4-5x

Green-80°C/176°F -  15-20 seconds 4-5x

Oolong-95°C/203°F-  15-20 seconds 7-8x

Black- 100°C/212°F-  20-30 seconds 4-5x

Herbal-90°C/194°F-  20-30 seconds 2-3x

Puerh-100°C/212°F-  15-25 seconds 10-12x


This method is for people on the go, who don't feel like having a tea ceremony there just looking for a pleasurable drink without anything artificial. This requires longer steeping times to extract as much out of the leaf as possible in fewer (sometimes only 1) steeping. The possible negative to this brewing method is that it make the tea much more likely to have bitter characteristics.

Brewing details- Usually measured in teaspoons rather than weight. The suggested amount is (2) heaping teaspoons per 8 ounces of water.

White-90°C/194°F- 1-2mins 2x

Green-80°C/176°F - 1-2mins 2x

Oolong- 95°C/203°F-2-5mins 3x

Black- 100°C/212°F- 2-4mins 2x

Herbal-90°C/194°F- 5-7mins 3x

Puerh- Not recommended for western style brewing



Too Bitter - Lower Water temp. and Shorten Steeping Time

Too Bold - Use Less Tea Leaves or Shorten Steeping Time

I personally find BLACK and GREEN teas infuse much stronger so sometime i use a gram less per 100ml of water.

BE ACCURATE with measurements when your beginning with tea, then adjust to your personal liking. 

ALWAYS remember that's tea is all about personal preference, so nothing you do is wrong. Brew a