Tasting Tips

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  As if you weren't on information overload already from all the variations and factors involved in steeping your tea, there are other factors that can effect how you experience your tea, even how you drink it.

Use All Of Your Senses- Tea is really enticing to all of your senses, from listening to the kettle boil and smelling the leaves, there is really something to be gained from immersing yourself in something and taking a break from your day.

Temperature- When tea fresh from the vessel its too hot to drink immediately. Drinking liquids that hot can scorch your taste buds, which for 1hurts and 2 makes it much more difficult to taste the flavor in the tea. No bueno, so try your best to be patient before taking that first sip off a new steep!

Cleanse Your Palette- Personally, my taste buds don't wake up right out of bed. A ritual i have that works well is brush teeth - eat something small - and finish with fresh water. The food cleanses my palette(gets rid of toothpaste taste) I suggest some sort of white bread. I usually pick up fresh ciabatta rolls and nibble on that while drinking tea.

Drinking Vessel-  The cup you choose can effect the temperature and taste of your tea. We chose the cups in our store because the clay maintains warmth but the liquid cools relatively quick. I enjoy clay most because the cup stays warm and i love the texture.I have even found tea is different when drinking from glass/porcelain/clay, so experiment and find out what works best for you!

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!- This is one I cant stress enough, as we all know it's really good for you in general to drink more water. Hydrating before drinking tea really helps your mouth and taste buds get ready to analyze new flavors and washes away any possible food. AND don't forget to hydrate after drinking tea! Tea actually dehydrates you a bit, so just sip some water after a long tea session and it will help your body to have that extra hydration on board. 

Eat- If you looking for the infamous "tea drunk" then yea don't eat and drown yourself in tea BUT drinking tea on an empty stomach can lead to nausea, which will pass but who wants to feel gross is they don't have to? so have yourself a little snack.