2007 Bai Mu Dan Grade 1 (new)

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Tasting Notes: Sweet, malty, and syrupy flavor notes with a slick and calming, yet focused effect

Farm Location: Fu Ding, Fujian province; China

Elevation: 960m (3,150ft)

We have really been enjoying our 2017 Bai Mu Dan White Tea. After learning it had a high(er) grade counterpart, I was very curious to explore how a tea that we were already very pleased with, could be improved. We decided to name both of these teas “Grade 1” and “Grade 2” because we feel it would be a disservice to label one of these as any lower than high grade. Along with this cake being easier to break apart, this tea offers a bit more of a refined tasting experience. It has a more noticeable boost of Chi ("Qi"). So, please give both teas a shot and decide for yourself if grade has a direct connection to the amount of enjoyment in your cup!

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