2011 Qing xin

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Tasting Notes: malty, cocoa, coffee, mushroom deep forest earthiness.

Farm Location: Lugu village, Nantou county, Taiwan

Elevation: 900m

Picking: spring 2011

Cultivar: Qing xin “green heart”

im beyond skeptical when it comes to “aged oolong” of the many I’ve tried only 2 really met the requirements of being “aged” and what I mean by this is that the tea was produced with the plan of storing it long term and encouraging it’s flavors/texture to flourish. This tea was made with intention of storing it in clay jars while closely monitoring heat and humidity levels. This tea is also re roasted every year with a very slow low roasting before storing it away to evolve. I find this tea incredibly calming and it has many infusions possible just incase you want to hit snooze on life for another 10 minutes .