2018 Bai mu dan

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Tasting Notes:  introductory plum notes, very sweet, rich with light barn/hay notes.

Farm Location:  Fuding lake, Fujian, China

Elevation: 650m

Production date: 4/28/2018

  Bai mu dan is a tea I used to think was best enjoyed aged. I had many loose leaf bai mu dan and although not a bad cup of tea i always felt something was lacking. This was one of my first experiences with "fresher" bai mu dan that had been compressed. The compression helps to seal in not only flavors but the fresh vibrancy from white tea production. After thinking into it more i realized that even if you vacuum seal a tea after its produced because of the exposure 360 degrees of oxygen, when a tea is compressed it helps to seal in all of the vibrancy and depth of bai mu dan.