Fujian bai mu dan

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Tasting Notes: honey maltiness, sour dough, mulling spices with a crisp fresh finish 

Farm Location: Sanyang village, Fujian, China 

Elevation: 1,000

Cultivsr: Mei Zhan

Picking: April 2018

Steep guide: 5g per 100ml. 85 degrees Celsius for 20 seconds add 5-10 for subsequent steeps.

  I’m usually pretty bias towards fuding white tea but upon trying this I was forced to reconsider. This producer has added a unique step for white tea production. The leaves go through a bruising phase similar to wuyi oolong. This ends up accelerating the maltiness usually brought on by older aged white teas. This tea is from 2018 but feels much older, this plus the interesting transformation throughout the session.