Gui Fei Cha

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Tasting Notes: warming, caramel, intoxicating aromas, notes of sweet birch 

Farm Location: Lugu village, Nantou county, Taiwan

Elevation: 1200 meters

Picking: Winter 2020

"Imperial concubine" tea is a more oxidized than most of our other oolongs and I find it unique because it’s not roasted so you get all those deep rich notes but no charcoal flavor. This tea is insanely sweet and decadent we are able to enjoy this rich, honey, aromatic tea because of bugs. Not a fairy tale, an actual step in this teas production is allowing it to be bitten by bugs which triggers sugars to be sent to the leaves in a attempt to repair BUT we pick it and make it into tea that is then naturally flavored by the leaf hopper bug resulting in a syrupy honey sweetness.