Hou Kui

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  Hou kui or "monkey king" is a uniquely shaped tea that's won my heart over for favorite green tea. The selling point for me isn't based on the shape but the solid flavor and infusions you get from the leaf. I find this tea to be cooling and energizing like a cold shower on a hot day. Depending on how you like your tea you can make this a strong thick tea or a light refreshing one just by altering the leaf ratio.

Tasting Notes: sweet garden florals, fresh bamboo, sweet peas with some buttered green beans.

Farm Location: Sankou town, Huangshan, Anhui Province, China.

Picking: April 2022

Cultivar: shi da zhong (1 bud 2 leaves)

Elevation: Picking starts at 350m

Gong fu steeping: 85 Celsius for 20 seconds add 5 per subsequent infusions

Grandpa style: 80 Celsius, use 1 gram or less of leaf per 12oz mug. Add water and drink. refill mug with fresh hot water once cup is 1/3 full to avoid "over steeping"