Long jing 2019

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Tasting notes: Silky mouthfeel, sweet, sweet corn, light/subdued nuttiness.

Farm Location: Wengjiashan, Hangzhou, China 

Long Jing or "Dragonwell" is easily one of china's most famous teas. MANY producers make Long Jing, but it's a tea that takes a massive amount of skill to make correctly. For example, just a few extra moments on the pan-firing and you could get an over-dominance of nuttiness. Instructions on how to properly brew Long Jing green tea are included, this method I don’t see used by many in this industry but is by far the best way to steep long jing to optimize its  character.

Steep guide:

Temperature: 85 celsius 

Quantity: 2g of leaf per 100 ml

Add leaves and fill vessel half-way with water and steep for 20 seconds.

Add remainder of water and steep for an additional 20 seconds.

For subsequent infusions add 5-10 seconds to the second steeping time.