Yu Shan Winter 2018
Yu Shan Winter 2018

Yu Shan Winter 2018

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Tasting Notes: Fresh and crisp, buttery, gentile ivory, and citric floral notes

Farm Location: Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) Nantou country, Taiwan.

Elevation: 1,800m (5,905ft)

Roasted: December 2018

Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) is the tallest mountain in Taiwan, measuring in at 3,953m (12,969ft). This beautiful mountain produces a remarkable tea, which is a direct product of the cooler temperature of the high elevation environment that more slowly develops the leaves' flavor notes. Also, this tea is specifically picked and produced in the winter to give the leaves more time to absorb nutrients from the sun and earth. The effect of the qi ("chi") in this tea is irrefutable, especially after a long session enjoying it. Winter Taiwanese Oolongs are naturally more resistant to astringency and bitterness, so there is no pressure to adhere to exact steeping times.

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