Gui Fei Cha

Da Hong Pao

Limited Release

Bai Mu Dan

Two grades of 2007 aged white tea


Unique & Functional

Featured collection


This Shou is super smooth and sweet, and very clean tasting. A lot of Shou Puer can have an off-putting funk to them but this does NOT! It’s very easy to drink and will be liked by almost anyone.


This tea makes me feel like I'm drinking my veggies. Light and bright without that "kickback astringency" that you get in some super-veggie green teas. Visually stunning leaves if you brew in a glass gaiwan or glass teapot.


Great beginner clay pot!

I have been using this pot for about a month now and it is very nice. It pours well and has a pretty nice seal, so it isn’t leaking everywhere when you pour ...


The UNYtea Story

Established in 2017, UNYtea has been providing loose leaf tea directly from farmers in Taiwan and China. Our mission is to fill a need for tea by both producers and consumers around the world in hopes to spread awareness on how good tea can really taste.

UNYtea specializes in Taiwanese oolongs, but you can find a variety of other kinds of loose tea as well as teaware to enjoy it in.  Every tea in stock is tasted and approved by us before we put in the store to make sure we're always providing the best tea we can. To maintain freshness, we rotate our picks to correlate with the growing season; that is why some teas are more limited than others.